Applying patches to Debian pptpd

by Louis Savarese and James Cameron

How to install pptpd on Debian is described in Debian pptpd HOWTO. Given a patch to pptpd, how do you rebuild Debian pptpd as a package?

  1. be in an appropriate working directory;


  2. ensure your /etc/apt/sources.list has deb-src lines,

  3. get the source to the package;

    apt-get source pptpd

  4. get and install the packages required to rebuild the package;

    apt-get build-dep pptpd

  5. get and install Debian packaging utilities;

    apt-get install devscripts build-essential fakeroot

  6. change to the directory containing the unpacked source;

    cd pptpd-1.2.1

  7. download the patch to this directory;

    wget [...]pptpd-1.2.3-loopback.patch

  8. apply the patch;

    patch < pptpd-1.2.3-loopback.patch

  9. change the package version;

    dch --newversion 1.2.1-4.0 add loopback patch

  10. build the package;

    debuild -us -uc

    Note: this builds a .deb file and places it in the parent directory. You can adjust which flags are passed to the configure script by looking at the file debian/rules.

  11. install the package;

    dpkg --install ../pptpd_1.2.1-4.0_i386.deb

(Derived from a post by Louis which was a follow up to a post by James.)


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2005-08-08 First draft, from mailing list.