Windows NT4 PPTP-client configuration

Needed: Windows NT 4.0, Servicepack 6a (high encryption), Windows NT 4.0 CD.

Rightclick “Network Neighbourhood”, then “Properties”.

Click on the tab “Protocols”. Choose "Add"

Select the “Point To Point Tunneling Protocol”.

Put in the Windows NT 4.0 CD.

Choose the number of VPN-connections you want (about five is good).

You will get the following message, so click “OK”.

You can now add the VPN-adapters to RAS.

Add about five by clicking "Add...".

Click "Continue". The “Point To Point Tunneling Protocol” is now installed.

When you click on "Properties", you will see:

This means the machine has to be rebooted to continue.

After rebooting, go to “Dial-Up Networking”.

If you have never configured Dail-Up Networking, you will see:

Click “OK”.

Provide a name for the new connection and click “Next”.

"I am calling the Internet". Click “Next”.

Choose one of the VPN "modems" from the list.

Provide the phonenumber. Instead of a phonenumber, you have to provide the DNS-name or IP-number of the PPTP-server.

Click “Next”, then “Finish”.

Go to "More" and choose "Edit entry and modem properties":

Go to "Security" and turn on "Only Microsoft encrypted authentication".

To connect, you have to fill out the username and password and leave the domain empty.

When you get the following message, you will have to reinstall Service Pack 6a.

After a reboot, it should work.